In honour of its 50th Anniversary, TUCAI invests in helping others. TUCAI makes a commitment to a water-related humanitarian project: the construction of a Reservoir with a capacity of 53,000 m³ inthe town of Pacharumekalapalli, in the state of Andhra Pradesh, India, to fight against desertification.

At the same time, the plan is to sensitise others, causing them to reflect on the consequences of poor water infrastructures and to foster the spirit of cooperation amongst employees, clients and suppliers to build a future for these populations.

Until recently in the district of Anantapur, the infrastructures for water storage were deficient and a large percentage of the water was wasted. Women in rural India were
forced to make as many as six trips a day, carrying up to 15 kg of clean water on their heads for their homes. From a very young age, their dependence on water prevented
them from accessing education and posed serious health risks.

Today, the construction of reservoirs makes it possible to store water during the rainy season, during which time torrential monsoon rains fall and filter into the subsoil without ever evaporating. Crops improve, as they receive more underground water. This filtered water, which is exposed to less pollution, ends up in the aquifers and nearby wells that the farmers rely on for personal use.

Lorenzo Piera, Managing Director of the Tucai Group:

In these times of crisis, celebrating an anniversary with commemorative events and parties does not live up to the
values established by the founders of this company, Misters Grau, Arnó and Tuá. The success of our group stems from one of our core principles:
the value of responsibility. It has always guided our decisions. That's why, on our 50th anniversary, we have decided to invest in helping others.