Core competences

The success of TUCAI is a result of its dedication to provide the best possible service to the world´s plumbers and consumers – by delivering increased value through the latest technologies and the continuous improvement of processes and product quality.
Technology and R&D
Investigation is propelling our growth. We are focusing on technologies that improve our chances of developing and producing connectors that satisfy plumbers´ needs and make their task easier. TUCAI is committed to providing its customers with the highest level of innovation to offer the most reliable solutions.
Quality Assurance
Across the Corporation, commitment to quality is at the heart of our philosophy. The whole production process, in China, Bulgaria or Spain, from its initial machinery design to final product assembly and testing is carefully controlled to ensure a level among the best in the Industry. TUCAI´s quality management procedures comply with the stringent ISO 9001:2008 standard and involve all levels from the CEO down. Our facilities regularly undergo intensive quality enhancements and our persistent efforts to improve on continue to pay off.
Our Water and Gas connectors have been granted approvals worldwide.
We aim a global competitiveness of the Group to ensure growth and profitability through lower production costs, significantly reduced non-quality costs and the most adequate logistics.