You have ideas… We make them come true! We partner with our customers to tailor solutions to their specific needs, from project definition to deployment.

The process starts with extensive definition of the customer´s specific needs. A solution can generally be tailored from our extensive Product Portfolio.

If customization is required, our R&D team is engaged with the project. This dedicated team will work with the customer´s technical team to define requirements, plan the project and execute with an integrated development approach through customer´s pre-production phase to ensure a successful product launch.

TUCAI Team then continues to be by your side as your product matures, providing ongoing product updates.

We also help you with an active involvement in standard development, research with University team, accredited laboratories, etc.

We create Value and inspire Future.

We work with Customer´s Technical Team to:
• Understand Customer´s needs in terms of connection,
• Develop Tailored Solution from Product Portofolio
• Develop a Customized Solution
• A dedicated Engineering Team with Specialized Expertise analyses Quality and Performance guidelines and plans the Project.
• Integrated Development Approach to ensure Quality and Performance criteria are met
• Ensure Smooth Market Introduction,
• Deal with Post-production issues
Customer has access to:
• Technical support and assessment
• Sample production
• Hardware and Software Development tools,
• Samples,
• Design review,
• Consultation and Engineering
• Expertise,
• Consultive and Collaborative Approach
• Guidance on Product Configuration,
• Test tools,
• Test Reports,
• Collaboration with Universities
• Technical Support,
• Design Feature Update
• Active involvement in Standard development